About the messy desk

I’m a librarian and writer, part-time singer and songwriter, and I spent many years as a campus radio volunteer. I care a lot about education, reading, stories, creativity, music, and truth. This blog is a place to write about at least some of these things.

Why the messy desk as a theme? Because creativity is messy. Ideas are messy. Trying stuff is messy. Doing more than one thing at once is really messy.

Want to get in touch? Leave a comment, or come say hi on Twitter. (I very occasionally also post mostly silly and sometimes thoughtful things over here on my Tumblr.)

You can also hear some of my music here, and see a video of my songwriting partner and me playing a classic REM cover here.


twain jobs-500x333 einsteins-desk

And I suppose these photos are also a defence of my own messy desk.

PS: The typewriter photo is of a machine I picked up at thrift store many years ago. It’s much prettier than the one I used to use as a student (and which is now long gone). But it is badly in need of a new ribbon.


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